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    Best Ajwa Dates in Pakistan
    Ajwa 2,880

    Ajwah Khajoor (Dates) are the most popular among Muslims today. They are delightfully soft and fruity, quite dark in color, and actually cultivated in Madinah Munawwara. They are best known for their cure for heart diseases. We deal in the best quality Ajwa dates available in Madinah Dates Market.


    1- To protect the heart, circulatory system, heart problems, and protein metabolism

    2- To prevent anemia

    3- To strengthen the nervous system and increase energy production

    4- For the treatment of hypertension

    5- For healthy bones, healthy skin, and eyesight

    6- To reduce triglycerides and cholesterol levels (LDL) in the blood

    7- Effective in preventing abdominal cancer

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    Best Amber Dates in Pakistan
    Amber 2,700

    Amber dates are one of the distinct varieties of Madinah dates. These Saudi grown dates are widely acclaimed for their large size, mildly sweet taste, and dark brown wrinkles outlook.

    Amber is loaded with potential health benefits which include promoting brain health, increase strength for labor, and improve bone health.


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    Best Mabroom Dates in Pakistan
    Mabroom Superior 2,430

    Mabroom-licious dates, wrinkled, brownish color, and flavorful taste make it more inviting. These Saudi Arabia grown dates have undeniable multiple health benefits. Mohammad (SAW) once said eating dates kill germs in the body. 


    1)  It improves the deficiency and circulation of blood in the body

    2)  Improves skin and maintain the bone health

    3)  Strengthen Immune and Nervous System

    4)  Flush out toxins from the body

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    Mix Box - 1 2,500


    Mix box – 1
    Ajwa: 500 grams
    Mabroom: 250 grams
    Kalmi: 250 grams

  • -10%Limited
    Best Mabroom ajwa kalmi dates in pakistan 2021
    Mix Box - 2 2,385

    Mix Box – 2 

    Mabroom: 500grams
    Ajwa: 250grams
    Kalmi: 250grams

  • -10%Limited
    Best Ajwa, Kalmi, Mabroom Dates
    Mix box - 3 2,230

    Mix Box – 3 
    Kalmi: 500grams
    Mabroom: 250grams
    Ajwa: 250grams

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    Best Kalmi Dates in pakistan
    Safawi/Kalmi 1,800

    Saudi Arabia originated date Kalmi  is known for its distinct flavor and texture. These dark color dates from Madinah are mouth-watering and delicious in taste. Kalmi, loaded with vitamins has enormous health benefits. 


    1) Full of nutrition, vitamins, and minerals.

    2) It’s consumption instantly replenish energy and revitalize the body.

    3) Protects colon and mucous from carcinogenic chemicals.

    4) It contains antioxidants, better for health.


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    Best Sagai in dates in Pakistan
    Sagai 1,620

    Sagai dates are a gift of nature, famous for their softness, lusciousness, and sweet taste. These dates are grown in the Arabian Peninsula. The mixture of crunchiness and softness adds more to its unique texture.
    Saudi Sagai date has wrinkles but no flakes.
    It is best to improve digestion, prevent Anaemia, and increase immunity.


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    Best Sukri Dates in Pakistan
    Sukri 2,160

    Sukri is known as the Queen of the Date’s family. These soft dates and golden in color dates are famous for their candy like mild taste. Multiple benefits of Sukri makes it attractive for various consumers. 


    1) Improves cognitive process

    2) Reduce Inflammation

    3) Regulate glucose level in diabetic patients.

    4) lowers the cholesterol level in the body.


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